The 2012-2013 academic year application deadline has passed. We are not taking applications at this time for upcoming academic years. This information will remain should we start to accept applications again.

The Clean Green IGERT (CGI) is a fellowship program for students pursuing a Ph.D. at UCLA. Please be sure to apply to CGI as well as UCLA's graduate school. Please also remember that only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply. In particular, special consideration is given to enhance the involvement of under-represented students.

  1. Apply to UCLA's graduate school
    (this need not be done first but please be sure to apply to graduate school by the deadline of the department you are applying to)
  2. Download the application for CGI (we are not accepting applications at this time)
  3. Obtain CGI application supplemental materials:
    • Undergraduate school transcript (official transcripts)
    • Graduate school transcript if applicable (official transcripts)
    • GRE scores showing percentile ratings. These need not be original records; copies are acceptable.
    • Proposed research activities
    • (2) Letters of recommendation
  4. Submit the CGI application and supplemental materials to:
    Mariko Walton
    Clean Green IGERT
    CNSI at UCLA
    570 Westwood Plaza, Bldg 114
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-7227

    Materials sent via email should be addressed to Prof. Diana Huffaker ( and CC-ed to Mariko Walton (

Eligibility Requirements

Each fellow's participation includes academic, research training and professional development with scientific, business and policy emphasis.

Program features include clean energy lecture, laboratory and seminar-based curriculum, internships or international experience, business development and small company opportunities along with community involvement activities in K-12.

What is IGERT?

Please see the IGERT FAQ for frequently asked questions asked by prospective students regarding IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship).


If you have any questions, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Mariko Walton
IGERT Program Coordinator
Clean Energy for Green Industry at UCLA
phone: 310-206-1215