EnGen Roadshow

[CGI cycle]

Mission Statement

UCLA's Clean Energy for Green Industry (CGI) Fellowship is looking for public high school science classes in the Los Angeles area with motivated students willing to spend 60 to 90 minutes discussing the energy generation methods of today and those of the future.

California is a leader in the national global shift away from fossil fuels and towards energy generation technologies that maintain the health of our environment natural resources while meeting the needs of an industrialized economy. The changes taking place in our state's energy portfolio have already begun to present dramatic implications for both the policy decisions and employment opportunities that will be available confronting to its inhabitants Californians in the coming years. The graduate students of the CGI fellowship are actively studying a wide variety of emerging energy technologies, and are eager to facilitate discussion among newest generation young adults preparing to enter the voting population and beginning to consider the development of their own careers who will soon begin to vote and have careers of their own.

The goal of the Energy Generation (EnGen) Road Show is to to provide a mechanism for groups of graduate students to interact with provide high school students in the greater Los Angeles area, with heavy emphasis placed on technology demonstrations designed to instill with a physical understanding of how electrical energy is generated and distributed. The concept of energy, fundamental to the California state high school science curriculum, is essential to understanding how modern human societies control and interact with their environments in the modern world environment. Our demos emphasize the existence of energy in many forms (mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, etc.) and how certain technologies can be used to convert one form of energy into another.

Our demos include:

With a deeper knowledge of the energy technology available in the world today, students can begin to draw conclusions about the environmental, social, and political consequences of continued energy use, and to make predictions about how our energy economy will and should evolve in the near future.

Past Roadshows


UCLA graduate students bring clean energy workshops to high school classrooms (UCLA Newsroom)


Trainees Joshua Shapiro and Leland Smith demonstrate some of the EnGen Roadshow demos