Joint UCSB and UCLA NSF-IGERT Meeting

Santa Barbara, CA

November 16, 2012

[event photo]

Research Talks

Jason Douglas, ConvEne: Use of secondary phase to improve thermoelectric efficiency in TiNiSn

Michael Haddad, CGI: Hybrid photovoltaics based on patterned arays of GaAs nanopillars

Michele Guide, ConvEne: Non-fullerene acceptors for organic solar cells: a structure-property-performance investigation of perylene tetracarboxylic diimides

Anne Glaudell, ConvEne: Charge transport in high-performance semiconducting polymers doped by molecular charge transfer

Joe Bergesen, ConvEne: Environmental burdern switching and co-benefits from thin film photovoltaic electricity in the United States

Omar Asensio, CGI: Behavioral field experiments in energy conservation

Kristin Denault, ConvEne: Phosphors for solid state white lighting

Nirala Singh, ConvEne: Understanding and improving electrocatalysts for energy conversion with hydrobromic acid

Poster Session

Peter Burks, ConvEne: Conversations between quantum dots and metal-complexes: the importance of spectral overlap on quantum dot sensitization processes

J.J. Cowart, ConvEne: Dye functionalized fullerenes for organic solar cells

Alan Farrell, CGI: 3D nanopillar optical antenna avalanche detectors

Benjamin Feinberg, CGI: Membrane-based production of salinity-gradient power

Nathan George, ConvEne: Understanding the local Ce3+ environment in the solid-state lighting phospher Y3-xCexAl5O12

Brian McVerry and Lisa Wang, CGI: Laser printing of flexible graphene-based supercapacitors with ultrahigh power and energy densities prepared by Maher El-Kady

Lauren Misch, ConvEne: Transition-metal substituted CeO2 as C-H bond activation catalysts

David Watts, CGI: Silicon Nanowire Anodes for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries