CGI EnGen Roadshow
April 3, 2013
Glendale High School
Glendale, CA

The Energy Generation (EnGen) Roadshow was created by CGI trainees to provide a mechanism for groups of graduate students to interact with provide high school students in the greater Los Angeles area, with heavy emphasis placed on technology demonstrations designed to instill with a physical understanding of how electrical energy is generated and distributed. Our demos emphasize the existence of energy in many forms (mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, etc.) and how certain technologies can be used to convert one form of energy into another.

[event photo]
Lisa Wang and Hao-Yuan Chang demonstrate the hand crank generator

[event photo]
Hao-Yuan Chang demonstrates the hand crank generator

[event photo]
Song Luo presents a demo

[event photo]
Igor Bogorad demonstrates the Stirling Engine