The Clean Energy for Green Industry (Clean Green) IGERT at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is designed to train U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers for leadership roles in the clean energy sector--university-industry-government. Emphasis is placed on economic expansion through transformational research, new business, highly trained workforce development, equity and inclusion. The research focus is on: energy harvesting, energy storage, and energy conservation.

Participating faculty research outlines (PDF):




Prof. Dunn, Prof. Kaner, and Prof. Yang joint collaboration

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Prof. Dunn and Prof. Kim joint collaboration

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Prof. Dunn and Prof. Tolbert joint collaboration

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Prof. Dunn, Prof. Wang, and Prof. Yang joint collaboration

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Prof. Hoek and Prof. Kaner joint collaboration

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Prof. Kaner and Prof. Tolbert joint collaboration

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Prof. Kaner and Prof. Wang joint collaboration

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Prof. Kaner, Prof. Wang, and Prof. Yang joint collaboration

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Prof. Kaner and Prof. Yang joint collaboration

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Prof. Pilon and Prof. Tolbert joint collaboration

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Prof. Tolbert, Prof. Wang, and Prof. Yang joint collaboration

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