About the ReSET Workshop

The fellows of the Clean Energy for Green Industry IGERT (Clean Green IGERT) at the University of California, Los Angeles invite you to join them for the Renewable & Sustainable Energy Technology Workshop (ReSET), focusing on the effort to ReSET our economy from conventional to renewable technology. The aim of the workshop is to foster communication and collaboration between energy and sustainability IGERTs from around the country. To this end, the two day conference will feature several key-note speakers, panel discussions, and a poster session. Workshop attendees can share their current research with others, gain valuable feedback, and make connections with other fellows and faculty who have similar interests. The ReSET Workshop will also be streamed online for those who can not attend in person.

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What is IGERT?

IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship) is the National Science Foundation's flagship interdisciplinary training program, educating U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers by building on the foundations of their disciplinary knowledge with interdisciplinary training. Please see the IGERT FAQ for frequently asked questions asked by prospective students regarding IGERT.

About the Clean Green IGERT

The Clean Energy for Green Industry IGERT (CGI) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is designed to train U.S. Ph.D. scientists and engineers for leadership roles in the clean energy sector--university-industry-government. Emphasis is placed on economic expansion through transformational research, new business, highly trained workforce development, equity and inclusion. The Clean-Green IGERT addresses the urgent societal challenge of meeting increasing energy needs without further negatively affecting the environment. Meeting this challenge requires a revitalized energy production and delivery infrastructure in which innovative and commercially viable energy harvesting, storage, and conservation solutions are developed in concert. The development of such solutions is only feasible through university-industry-government partnerships with highly-skilled, broadly-educated, globally-minded leadership. Such partnerships have high potential for economic development in urban areas primed for growth in this sector, with a well-trained workforce, a supportive government and visionary industrial foundations.

One of the unique strategies of this IGERT program is its specific emphasis on local green industry and workforce development. Our goal is three-fold: first to provide a highly trained, culturally diverse and globally-minded clean-energy workforce, second to introduce new green industry jobs in our local community through new business development and third is to provide existing companies with new solutions generated by close industry-university collaborations. Exposing science and engineering students to the culture of IP generation, business development, energy policy, providing training and support for these endeavors and providing interaction with local business and government, accomplish these goals.

Participating Departments

Electrical Engineering
California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI)
Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
Environmental Science & Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity (CEED)
Anderson School of Management

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Technology Workshop

FREE - April 12-13 - California NanoSystems Institute, UCLA

Technology and Policy Efforts to ReSET our economy to renewables: a cross-disciplinary IGERT workshop.

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